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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Enter the Scottfreek, stage left...........

Dear Kev,

I apparently represent the only female contigent on your site as far as I
can tell. Hello, Hamish, Pete, Cliff, Mike (which one?)... Anyone know
where Vlad is?

Listening to Ron Sexsmith and Neko Case. Just those over and over again.

Reading: Oliver Sachs "Uncle Tungsten" - It's about chemistry and major
elemental discoveries and is sticking to my brain about as well as "A Short
History" (Hawking) did. I don't know why I bother.

Happy May two-four all. Thought about Algonquin, as usual, at this time of


By the by - Since you are an invited member of the this blog you can post to the site without going through me via email, just go to the blogger site advertised above to get started. And the Mike in question is none other than the long-lost legendary Burlington Beatle better known as Mr. Daley.

And where the hell is Vlad anyways?

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