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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

this note is regard'n yer flush-out-the-taliban-with-the-neked-women-trick.

i support it!!!
now i'm ready and waitin' in my lawn-chair, a cold beer in one hand, and you know WHAT in the other, thats right, my SHOTGUN!
so fars i've eyed:
- two snakes
- half a squirrel(the result of 7 cats)
- a porcupine
- a rusty, smokin' chevy truck complete with gun-rack and...
- a voracious horde of blackflies.

there are no, i repeat NO neked women walking by, DAMN!!!!
this ain't gonna work for us backwood rural types, so i'm a goin' back inside ta find my own neked woman. EMMA!!!!!

p.s. i think the guy in the truck might a been half neked

rough hugs,

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