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Thursday, June 12, 2003

I shave about two thirds of my head... God has forever shaved the rest for me.

Music that does not hold up? Hmm. In general I'd say I'm much less willing to listen to aimlessness. I don't mind long solos or space but it's gotta saysomething. I have a hard time with Dead 'tapes', and yes parts of the Allmans at Filmore. But I wonder how much of that is due to the way I listen these days. If I doesed and put on headphones.... who knows. All in all though, with the exception of certain songs, I still like everything I ever have. Just added to it.

Led Zep. I just can't listen without thinking of Spinal Tap. I put on Led Zepelin IV, for the first time in about a decade - Goin' to California? the "punch on the nose/I think I might be sinking" bit? I literaly doubled over with laughter. What a silly band. Odd how thinking of Spinal Tap doesn't change my liking for Kiss or Alice Cooper.

I too have found that some artists I absolutely HATED are now among my favs. Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Meat Loaf, Bach, hell I even like AC/DC now. and what's wrong with the Police Kev? I like 'em more now than I did then.
The last cd I bought that really blew me away was the Benny Goodman 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert - Gene Krupa is a God. That was a couple of years ago though. I'm seriously thinking of going out and picking up this Prokofiev cd I heard a cut from on the radio (violin sonata #2 I think) some guy whose name sounded like Ennes (sp), Freakin' amazing. I'm listening to Body Count now.

Hey Mike, you work at cbc radio? Ever run into a guy called Adam Little? It's been a while but I heard that's where he was working.

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