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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Great googly moogly as the man said.
Hiromi and the kids are up in Miyagi-ken ( I know that means fuck all to any of you, you're sitting there saying "well okay is that the next block or further away or what? Who, What, Where, When,Why is Miyagi?

Well actually Miyagi is an area in Northern Japan, it's the area my wife is from. She has gone up to her parents place with the youngins for Obon, which sort of the Japanese festival of the ancestors.

Long story short - I have the place to myself, and myself to myself for that matter, so tea has been consumed, if you catch my drift, and lo and behold, Nippon Public Broadcasting - NHK- just so happens to have Hard Day's Night on the schedule tonigt.

directed by Richard Lester, who also directed John Lennon in How "I Won the War" and Michae‚Œ?@‚x‚?‚’‚‹ in "The Three Musketeers" among other things.
‚h?@‚„efy any of you to roll a fat one and sit down and actually watch "A Hard Days Night" and not decide these guys are absolute geniuses!
I know its been said a million times by a million different people but-

Damn, the Beatles are a REALLY good band.

Really, really, good

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