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Sunday, January 11, 2004

From the Anglican Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, those fine folks in the Sault who brought you the ban on Monty Python's life of Brian and Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage, , come a man so goofy even the Anglican church had to disown him.

Its.....Elvis Priestly

First anniversary for 'Elvis Priestly' church Last Updated Sun, 11 Jan 2004 21:57:32
NEWMARKET, ONT. - An Anglican priest who hopes to save souls with Elvis Presley's music celebrated the one-year anniversary of his breakaway church on the weekend.

Rev. Dorian Baxter

Rev. Dorian Baxter, known to followers as Elvis Priestly, had a falling out with his Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., diocese for imitating his idol during services.

When it demoted him to "priest-on-leave" and banned him from the pulpit, Baxter, 53, set up his own church in a legion hall in Newmarket, north of Toronto.

Ever since, he's been sporting long sideburns and crooning Elvis-style hymns, often on bended knee, to about 100 regulars every week.

Rev. Baxter performs his own version of the King of Rock's classic, Blue Suede Shoes: "Well it's one for the Father, two for the Son, three for the Holy Spirit and your life has just begun. Well you can do anything, but don't turn Jesus away."

He also uses the late singer's trademark line: "Thank-you, thank-you very much."

At least one bishop with the Anglican Church of Canada believed mixing Anglican worship with the gospel according to Elvis was inappropriate.

"He felt that Elvis was an evil influence and did not want his name even mentioned," said Baxter. "Most of my success in leading people to the Lord was in using Elvis as gospel music."

Baxter recently told a U.S. newspaper that he has gained legal non-profit status for his church.

Thank yuh, Thank yuhvermush

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