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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Do you like Kipling?" the bishop asked.
"I don't know, I've never kipled." answered the actress

Dang, them moonbats over at Eschaton is a literate bunch! Have a look at the Memorial Day poem posting and then check out the primo selection of war poetry in the comments - Sigfried Frickin' Sassoon and Rudyard Frickin' Kipling may be old, old school, but great googlymoogly could they frickin' write. And so can this guy:

There is no poem that will stop this war
This is not the one.
There is none.
There is nothing to be done.
We are not anything but the Hun
the fierce images in old textbooks
the Mongol horsemen rape and pillage
villages burning and the laughter of old men.

The radio and television prepare us
for the Super Bowl. But already in Ohio
we are number one. All of us better
than all of the rest of the world. Admit it
it was the perfect game. Allah praise Ohio State.
And admit this all who listen to NPR
the president is smarter than you.
He is riding the armored car of history
while you look for a refuge
some safe place for your children.

But there is no place to hide. We are the virus.
Everything that cannot be bought and sold
for a profit falls before us.
He knows this even if you believe he is a fool.
He lives and breathes Karl Marx
while you hold up a sign that says
Peace is Patriotic. The laughter of old men.

There is no image to stop the war.
No child with burned blacked skin like barbecued chicken.
The children waste away from bad plumbing and no medicine.
We pass along to each other the chips and organic carrots.
Bottled water.
There is no poem as good as government ensured bonds.
We are wounded with so little interest.
There is no poem that will pay us ten percent
and stop this war.
The Germans marched prematurely through history
never understanding the power of the dollar
never having heard of Lexus and SUV
never knowing anything about baseball
never knowing that the Yankees only lose enough
to make the game seem fair.
Vietnam is empty in the memory.
Cambodia fills with Wal-Mart and Burger King.
Bombs from 20,000 feet.

The first dictate of battle is to make sure
the enemy has no weapons to harm you.
Disable their best batter. Tonya Harding their best runner.
Then attack and wait for the parade.
But dont wait for the poem that will stop this war.
There is none.
The history of the empire has just begun.

Joe Napora

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