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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Our hero and new spiritual leader of the moment -


He's finally done it! Wammo has gotten his online act together. He's blogging and posting films and all manner of good stuff - check him out!
With all apologies to his His Regal Wammoness for not paying him to post this, here are the lyrics (from his site) to one of my favorite songs by the "Fat-Headed Stranger"
WINGLESS ANGELS (from My Favorite Record)
I lost my virginity
While the preacher was downstairs
Chattin' with my mom
And I wasted my youth
On a girl named Ruth
And it don't make no difference to me
Now all you wingless angels
Get in line to take a stab at me
'cause I'm rollin' down the last six pack
And two A.M. brings finality
I was born in New York City
And beat up down in San Antone
And I wasted my time
Smokin' agriculture
In the back of my buddy's old Firebird
Now all you wingless angels
Start clocking yourselves
With the junebug of the times
'cause I'm staggerin' in to your pit stop
And I'm lined up
Down at your favorite bar
Crippled at the South Ban
I fulfilled the prophesy
But baptized in the waters of the Broken Spoke
When a yodeller named Walser
Pierced my soul
lNow all you wingless angels
Stop trampin' 'round my back door
'cause I'm drownin' in a Bushmills dream
And I got a hot date
With the Holy Ghost
Now Jesus, he knew his price tag
Thirty pieces of silver hung on his hide
But that devil in your smile
Is so divine
I'll be Judassing your ass out for twenty-nine
Now all you wingless angels
Sanctify my ability to recognize
'cause I'm drunk off my ass
In Omaha
And I'm sleepin' on the bus
With a busted wing
Yeah, I'm passed out on the bus
With a busted wing
(c)B.Y.G.U.M. 2000

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