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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So much to blog, so little time to blog it in

I'm just returning to work after two weeks off. I thought I'd have plenty of time to do lots of deep meaningful blogging while on holidaze (and daze is the operative term) but nooooo! Instead, as the photos below should indicate, I've been bicycle Yoda for the two young ones ("Do or do not you must, there is no try") who have finally found their wheels. Ken has everything but starting pretty much down pat without the training wheels after only two weeks and should be pedalling off to kindergarten by the end of the week. Lucy is more interested in telling everyone about her pink princess bike than actually pedalling, but seems to have the hang of it.

Other than that we spent some time at the parents-in-law's in Sendai (home of beef tongue and earthquakes) saw lots of fireworks and spent a couple days at the beach in Kamakura - more about all this later.

In the meantime, New Orleans is being washed out into the Gulf of Mexico and another good blogger has died in Iraq.
His blog can be found here - and anyone who has a large photo of Woody Guthrie on their blog and carries a copy of the Subterraneans around while serving in Iraq has to have gone to heaven.

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