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Thursday, November 03, 2005

A couple of things today:

First, I finally got my copy of cooking liberally in the mail from the divine SallyH - it is a collection of recipies submitted by the fine folks at Echaton and contains my famous recipie for "Sausage au Rev. Paperboy" formerly known as "Sausage au Kevin" or "Sausage a la Bernice" -- If you're nice and leave a comment, I'll post the recipie.

Second, Todd Snider rules for many reasons, one of them is that he wrote this song:

"Conservative Christian right-wing Republican
straight white American males,
Gay-bashing, black-fearing, war-fighting, tree-killing
regional leaders of sales,
Frat-housing, keg-tapping, shirt-tucking, backslapping
haters of hippies like me
Tree-hugging, peace-loving, pot-smoking, porn-watching
lazy-ass hippies like me

Tree-hugging, love-making, pro-choice and gay-wedding,
widespread digging hippies like me
Skin-color-blinded, conspiracy-minded
protestors of corporate greed
We who have nothing and probably will
until we all end up locked up in jail
by conservative Christian right-wing republican
straight white American males

Diamonds and dog, boys and girls
living together in two separate worlds
following leaders of mountains of shame
looking for someone to blame --I know who I like to blame

Conservative Christian right wing Republican
straight white Amurikin males
Soul-saving, flag-waving, Rush-loving, land-paving
personal friends of the Quayles

Quite dilligently, working so hard to keep the free
reins of this democracy
from tree-hugging, peace-loving, pot-smoking
folk-singing hippies like me"

for the musically minded - its in waltz time (3/4) and I think its in "G" (the people's key)

And finally, I'm going to see the new Harry Potter movie this afternoon. Yep, its hard work being a critic - hard, hard work.

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