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Monday, December 26, 2005

Vigilantes and vigilance

From the Times, December 22, 2005

Rail 'groper' chased to his

From Leo Lewis in Tokyo
"A commuter who allegedly groped a
college girl on a crowded train collapsed and died after being chased along a
platform by fellow passengers.
The 40-year-old office worker fled the train
when it pulled into a station after the student screamed and accused him of
groping her bottom and legs.
Four male passengers, including two off-duty
policemen, gave chase, bringing him to the ground as he tried to escape. He died
later in hospital from a heart attack."

This story was all over the Japanese press and made the BBC and the Times of London. I can only speculate as to why it didn't appear in certain publications. Can anyone tell me why this was not on a certain front page?

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