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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blessed are the Meek
For they shall inherit the Earth, which is good, since as Monty Python pointed out, "they have a hell of a time." The Meek will not be found among the conservative evangelical Christian groups suddenly setting up shop in Ottawa, secure in the knowledge that they helped elect Stephen Harper and now it is payback time. U.S. religious right bogeymen like Rev. James Dobson and the GOP's own Gollum Ralph Reed have their personal representatives amongst the flock setting up lobby groups.
The Galloping Beaver has a round up of the Christofacists flocking to Ottawa


Alison said...

You've broken some good stories here, Rev : creation tours, the possibility of bringing legal charges against Emerson.
Bazz first told me about your site weeks ago and now I find I'm dropping by every day.
Good to see quite a few of us are going to be keeping an eye on the neo-cons.

the rev. said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by! Bring your friends around too. I'm not sure how Bazz wandered in but I know he comes by regularly too. I'm enjoying both creekside and Oi! Thump! fairly regularly myself.

Bazz said...

Group hug! Group hug! :) Seriously, checking out you folks' blogs is a very enjoyable part of my daily routine. The way things are going, I don't think any of us is going to run out of stuff to write about, either.