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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogworld roundup
Both The General and Dave Neiwert have been looking for donations, so cough up - bandwidth isn't free. The General appears to have raised the desired amount nearly overnight, and I'm sure Dave will too, but paying for what you get out of a lot of the professional blogs is always a good way of making sure the good guys win. You could also trying clicking through on their advertising links.

Majikthise has a very scary post about the real reason several female U.S. soldiers died of dehydration in Iraq. It seems they refused to drink anything late in the day because they were afraid of being raped by their brothers in arms if they went out to the latrine at night.

Half of my blogroll seems to be nominated for a Koufax award this year for blogs most deserving of wider recognition. Personally, I already think of Rising Hegemon, The Talent Show and Sisyphus Shrugged as major leaguers with Happy Furry Puppy Storytime and Lawyers, Guns and Money not far behind them in terms of notoriety. Axis of Evel Kneival and the newly discovered and much appreciated Galloping Beaver are both lesser known, newer blogs - and both link here. Hard to say which to vote for, though I do get more traffic from Galloping Beaver. We will forgive Wampum for overlooking us again this year (sniff) and hope that one of the aformentioned nominees gets some love from the voters. See the blogroll for links and check them all out and vote early and often for your favorite when the polls finally open.

Oh, and Cathie from Canada had a car accident but wisely resists the temptation to curse about the moron that totalled her car.

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