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Monday, February 13, 2006

Neocon see, neocon do
Ezra Levant shows why Western Standard is the Canadian version of (insert title of your favorite U.S. neocon wingnut journal here, but it is probably as influentual and widely read as The Weekly Standard). No one thinks that running these cartoons at this stage is a 'defense of free speech' especially when accompanied by comments like this:

"Levant, meanwhile, asks why society finds it more acceptable to poke fun at the Christian faith, pointing to a recent cover of Rolling Stone magazine
which shows hip hop artist Kanye West made up to look like Jesus. "Why are we making a special exception for one religion?" asked Levant, who is Jewish.
"I know why. Because Christians, when they're upset, they write a letter to the editor. Radical Muslims, when they're upset, burn down embassies."

But he's not trying to provoke anyone, heavens no! Just keep in mind that Western Standard has been the flag bearer of the Alberta based conservative-reform-western separatist movement in Canada and is probably what Stephen Harper reads on the can at 24 Sussex.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for poking fun at organized religion and exposing its hypocracy (See "kissing Hank's Ass" in the Other Resources list). I particularly dislike radical Islam, militant orthodox judaism and the various brands of muscular evangelical Christianity favored by the conservatives around the world.?I don't mind other people believing what they want to believe as long as they don't try to push it on other people via the legal, political and education systems or by knocking on my door when I have a hangover. The people who are out burning embassies are being used by their leaders to distract from the real issues facing their nations. The people publishing these cartoons are getting just what they want - a reaction that lets them paint all muslims as foaming-at-the-mouth violent radicals. A pox on both their houses.

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