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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bush jokes thread
Okay, it's been a slow day down at the Ministry of Truth , so I've been blogging a lot today, but I wanted to share these stories with you:

  • George W. Bush is talking with his military advisers and they tell him that three Brazilians were killed in Iraq the previous day. He looks chastened and sad and slowly shakes his head, tears in his eyes. "That's terrible!" says the president and dismisses his advisors. He immediately calls the VP. "Dick" he says, panic in his voice, "How many is a Brazillion?"

  • Asked his opinion about the ongoing controversy over Roe vs. Wade, George W. Bush said he "didn't care how people got out of New Orleans, as long as they left town."

  • 15,000 atheists demonstrated in London today after a piece of blank paper was found on a cartoonists desk.

leave your joke in the comments


Bazz said...

A country doctor is visting an old farmer.

Old farmer: "All you need to know about politics is that young George Bush is a post turtle."

Doctor: "Oh? What's a post turtle?"

Old man: "When yer driving down a country road, and ya come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top? That's a post turtle. Ya know he didn't get there by himself, he don't belong there, he cain't get anything done while he's up there, and you just want to help take the poor thang down."

Alison said...

Post turtle - I love that.
OK, you guys have probably heard this one already:

George Bush is visiting with the queen and asks her how it is she manages Britain so well.

“It’s important to surround yourself with intelligent politicians,” she replies, and calls in Tony Blair.

“Tony,” she says, “If your parents have a child who is neither your brother nor your sister, who is it?”

Immediately Tony answers, “That’s simple – it’s me.”

Bush is mightily impressed and when he returns to the White House, he calls in Cheney and asks the same question. Cheney says he wants to think about it for a bit and desperately looks around for someone to help him out. He spies Colin Powell and asks him the question, “If your parents have a child who is neither your brother nor your sister, who is it?”

Colin Powell snorts, “That’s easy – it’s me.”

Cheney rushes triumphantly back to Bush with the answer – “It’s Colin Powell.”

“You idiot," Bush screams at him, "it is not – it’s Tony Blair”!