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Friday, March 17, 2006

Round up
Yes, we at the Woodshed are surfing the Internet so you don't have to, bringing you videos of evangelists calling for a holy enema and proof that God may exist and be answering prayers after all.

Toys for young Republicans can be found at the Baby Bush Toys catalogue site, but if you really want to brainwash your youngster, Jesus wants you to buy one of these talking biblical action figures . Tom Waits sang about his chocolate Jesus, but you choose the confectionary deity of your choice.

Take a minute to enjoy some 60-second Shakespeare courtesy of the BBC.

(and a top of the ol' snap brim to all those at the hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy that supplied some of the links)


Gen. JC Christian, Patriot said...

Oh man. That is good.

Alison said...

Well just wow.
Who knew the holy ghost was into water sports?

Mudhooks said...

Words fail me.... Is that in the Bible somwhere? "And God said...(booming voice) "Thou shalt cleanse thy bowels in my name!"

That sweater is an abomination.....

Bazz said...

Check out the Bush Baby Toys! I particularly like the Twisty Thing That Is Red.

Anonymous said...

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