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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First "Truthiness" now "Scienciness"
Cornell University drinks the "intelligent design" kool-aid and offers a two month long credit course.

I think Drew Curtis over at FARK said it best: "Two-month schedule starts with lecture on "Great Breakthroughs in Intelligent Design Research," followed by 59.5 days of lunch"

Maybe Cornell will eventually establish an ID faculty - it could go next to the School of UFOlogy, across from the L. Ron Hubbard Memorial Center for Theology and Xenobiology.


Alison said...

Evolutionary biologist Allen MacNeill is teaching the course and he is a fierce anti-ID debater.
Here's some quotes of his :
Allen MacNeill

The president of Cornell is also firmly anti-ID.
No one will be mixing up any kool-aid I can assure you.
Given that Macneill is a very good debunker, I think this is an interesting approach.

Unknown said...

Perhaps I stand corrected, it may be that MacNeill plans a "debunking ID" course. WorldNet Daily is a very pro ID kind of site obviously, so their take on the story needs to taken with a mine-full of salt.