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Friday, March 31, 2006

Pay no attention to that Brownshirt behind the curtain
Nunc Scio has the goods on Tory MP for Okanagan-Shuswap Colin Mayes, who has suggested that journalists be jailed for writing "distorted" or "inaccurate" articles. He has since retracted the comments he made in a column he wrote and sent out to local newspapers in BC - I suspect he got an angry phone call from the boss. As a professional journalist of over 15 years experience, I would like to say I support this idea wholeheartedly. I think any journalist who knowingly lies in print should be clapped in irons, right next to any politician who lies or fails to live up to a promise.


Bazz said...
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Bazz said...

How did Mayes manage to slip Harper's leash? And yeah, the groveling retraction certainly smells like a smackdown from above.

Alison said...

And there will be lots more slips and smackdowns to come.
I'm putting my money on Daryl Reid to provide the next one.

And Rev thank you so much for your "Best. Headline. Ever." comment. I felt very proud.

the rev. said...

Unlike some, that isn't a comment I hand out haphazardly. I've tried to steal it for out newspaper, but sadly the editorial consensus was that Canadian Club wasn't well enough known in Japan for the headline to be funny. Boooo!