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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Call out the Mounties! Call out the OPP!
I want this man found and I want an Order of Canada medal pinned on him for informing the public of what I've suspected all along. Typically the tories and neocons are finding the whole thing about as humorous as you would expect them to, as the comments here show. Because nobody likes a good laugh as much as a Tory wanker, except me and my friends and anyone I know and anyone they know. Come to think of it, almost everyone likes a good laugh more than the Tories.


Alison said...

Globe and Mail

Of course they probably heard about it here first.

the rev. said...

That was the only mention I could find of the incident other than on conservative blogs. No other media seem to have covered it and all the conservative blogs seem to link to the same post that I did, so I have to wonder whether this really happened or if it is just the tories crying foul to try to get some support back.

the rev. said...


Hey, I found an actual news story on it, though the geek from the National Well-to-do Deadbeats Association seems to be their primary source.

Alison said...


The link I posted at the top here last night is from Dan Cook's story in the Globe and Mail. It reads:

GO Transit's Edmund Shea explained the "Stephen Harper Eats Babies" LED message to me as follows: "This was electronic vandalism. We assume it was a hacker and we apologize if anyone was offended, including the Prime Minister."

One passenger car was affected between Thursday and Friday; three Monday morning. As for future assaults, Exclusive Advertising (EA), the company responsible for advertising aboard the GTA's GO Train's, has disabled the signs and will be implementing a 'password protected solution.'

According to EA, the hacker obtained a wireless remote which allowed the signs to be modified within a distance of six-feet.

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