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Monday, May 29, 2006


Two mounties, both men (no, not the guys in photo up top), plan to marry on June 30, a development that is causing fits within the government, given that to most of the old Reform crowd, including dear leader, the issue is the hatred that dare not speak its name. The dare not criticize a couple of mounties, given that the official position of Conservatives everywhere is that they all love a man in uniform, especially those in the thin blue, or red as case may be, line that protects us from bad people. Politicians of all stripes are generally reticent to criticize cops for a slew of reasons, but the conservatives in particular love to suck up with the law and order rhetoric. Not matter how much the idea makes their skin crawl, they are struggling mightily not to come across as anti-gay, because they know most Canadians don't care what a couple of consenting adults do together in private and aren't too keen on governments trying to regulate it. That popping sound you will soon hear will be Stockwell "Doris" Day's head exploding.
Good luck and best wishes to you gentlemen as you embark on your lives together, but I must say it gives new meaning to expression that a mountie always gets his man.

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