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Monday, July 03, 2006

You go girl!
Heather Mallick bitch-slaps (no pun intended) REAL women into a quivering mess over their decidedly anti-equality (what the "ladies" would call counter-feminist) agenda. Hit'em with the chair Heather!

Groups like this that formed back the last neocon heyday of the Mulroney-Reagan-Thatcher years are now rearing their ugly little heads again, now that Harper is playing to them, first to win power and now in pursuit of a majority. Mulroney famously said "give us five years and you won't recognize this country." We (and by we I mean all you morons who voted for the Chin-that-walked-like-a-man, I sure as hell didn't vote for him. I campaigned against him in high school.) gave him nearly twice that and some things still won't ever be the same. It took a dozen years just to undo the worst of the damage and we still have the GST, NAFTA and western separatism. At least Martin balanced the budget.

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Alison said...

The funniest thing about REAL women is their frequent use of the term "right to choose". They are not, of course, referring to abortion or SSM. No, they mean the right to choose your own nanny.
Harper's non-daycare policy is directly informed by their policy paper on the subject, and as REAL women are also ardently pro free market, they must be pretty pleased with themselves that daycare centres have followed that market and upped their rates to absorb the $1200 a year choose-your-own-nanny bribe that helped get Harper into office.

The un-funniest thing about REAL women of course is their very real political clout.