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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

And they wonder why we call them "wingnuts"
Uniform fetishist "Grim" on the Virtues of Killing Children

Tortured logic? check
Complete lack of self-doubt? check
Morally indefensible position? check
Tough guy warrior posing? check
Utter conviction that end justifies means? check
Condescesion to any who disagree? check
Strawman arguement? check

Conclusion: If it walks like a brownshirt and talks like a brownshirt, it doesn't much matter if there is copy of Mien Kampf on the bedside table or not.

Late hat tip to "a somewhat popular blogger" for having the stomach to read the wingnuts regularly and bring back the gems among the horseshit


Bazz said...

Ah yes, the old "destroying the village to save it" rationale updated by "Grim" for the current circumstances. Swell.

Scott in Montreal said...

Grim indeed. Have we learned nothing from Anakin Skywalker? It took Lucas six movies to make a point that any seven-year old can grasp; yet here is more evidence that it was totally lost on some. Good catch, rev.

the rev. said...

I really should point out
before people as nice as Scott start giving me credit for exposing this psychopath, that I found the piece thanks to a link on a "somewhat popular" blog (cough>Tbogg<(cough> who deserves the credit for having a strong enough stomach to read the wingnuts and bring back the choicest bits.