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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blogstardom beckons
I'll be blogging up a storm on Sunday night (5 pm EST/ 2pm Pacific/ way too damn early Monday morning Tokyo time) over at the heavy hitting Firedoglake blog (see blogroll). The lovely, gracious and hyperintelligent Jane Hamsher has invited me to post, host and otherwise sound off as part of a discussion of "Strawberry Days" during Firedoglake's weekly Sunday book salon. Author David Niewert will also be taking part in the discussion as we look at the internment of Japanese in North America during WWII. Longtime readers (hi Mom!) will remember that I reviewed the book last fall and interviewed the author, who also runs the fantastic Orcinus blog (again, see the blogroll) that tracks the extreme and not-so-extreme right in the U.S. - that and orcas. If you haven't read it, you obviously just don't read blogs enough.

For those of you too damn lazy to click the links and read the review, Strawberry Days is an extreme close up of the effect the internment had on the Bellevue, Washington area, David journalistic home turf more or less. He started out interviewing internees and their descendants back when he was in the newspaper biz and the book grew out of that. It is insightful, exceptionally well sourced and researched and damn compelling read. Go buy it through my amazon ad down below and join us on Sunday.

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