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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Even broken clocks are right twice a day
Mark the day on the calendar, because you aren't likely to see me write anything praising WalMart very often, but they did the right thing this week in dumping former civil rights activist, UN ambassador and Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young as a spokesman after he made unbelievably racist comments. Essentially, Young said it was a good thing that WalMart was squeezing out all the so-called mom-and-pop operations because those little shops were selling shoddy merchandise to blacks and were run by Jews, Koreans and Arabs. Young should be ashamed of himself for such bigoted bullshit and WalMart was right to end its relationship with him. Unless this becomes massive headline news, (which it won't as long as there are 10-year-old murder cases involving blond six-year-olds to obsess over) Wingnuts will use this to complain that the left doesn't police its own. Of course if Rush had said it and Walmart had fired his ass, they would screech "political correctness" until the cows came home or the chickens came home to roost or whatever.

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