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Monday, September 04, 2006

We have met the enemy and it is U.S.
They've done it to us again.
What the hell are A-10 pilots taught to fire at? Specific targets or just anything that moves within a 100 miles of the assigned target? Why would they strafe a group of uniformed men in a rear area camped around an armoured vehicle, when the Taliban generally have neither uniforms nor armoured vehicles?
If I were a Canadian infantry commander in Afghanistan, I'd have second thoughts about calling in air support. Of the 32 Canadians killed in Afghanistan, Pte. Mark Anthony Graham is the fifth killed by U.S. aircraft. Once is an accident, twice is coincidence -- the third time it's enemy action.

UPDATE: Our troops are clearly a bit demoralized and pissed off by this latest incident

"We should spray-paint a big circle around us, with an arrow that says 'Not here, asshole,' " one soldier said, packing up his sleeping gear.

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scout said...

well, considering the yanks have been over there longer then us there's been more time for drug addication and the fear factory to set in. plus these guys are kids , and raised with war video games , so i guess with all the tech aboard their jets they look at a screen, see something, and hit the bomb switch on their vid game joysticks.

what a load of fucking nonsense!!!! nice title by the way.