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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Spankers!

"Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV" has drawn over 12,000 hits to this blog in the last month (and over a quarter of a million on YouTube) so I thought I'd treat all of you to some more from God's Favorite Band. This one is from the video of their tenth anniversary show in Austin. Check the links on the side of the page for their homepage and go BUY ALL THEIR ALBUMS!!! NOW!!


Scout said...

defintie fun tune that one!!!! enjoyed it thanks. can i assume the dobro player plays serious dobro on other songs? hope so.

austin. what a great city!

the rev. said...

That's Guy Forsythe, and he plays a killer slide guitar. He was with the band for many years, but now does solo stuff. They have had a succession of fantastic guitarist in the band over the years. The current guy, Nevada Newman, also plays a mean slide and writes great songs. His "Why do it right (when you can do it wrong)" is a personal favorite and a bit of a theme song around the ole Woodshed.

Scout said...

'why do it right (when you can do it wrong)'....great title!!!!

nothing like a mean slide...oh ya!

Anonymous said...

Heehee I loved the ending... freaky, man. These guys are great.

the rev. said...

Believe me, it is just the tip of a very very big iceberg. These guys are so incredible. And you ain't nuthin' until you've seen the fabulous Christina Marrs sing the blues or play the musical saw. Check out their site for some free downloads and BUY THEIR RECORDS.