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Friday, October 06, 2006

Putting the Dick in Dictator
From the New York Times (via Bilmon):
Talk to the Vice President, go to jail.
"Mr. Howards, 54, said at a news conference here that he was taking his 8-year-old son to a piano lesson on June 16 at the Beaver Creek Resort about two hours west of Denver when he saw Mr. Cheney at an outdoor mall. Mr. Howards said he approached within two feet of Mr. Cheney and said in a calm voice, “I think your policies in Iraq are reprehensible,” or as the lawsuit itself describes the encounter, “words to that effect.”
Mr. Howards said he then went on his way. About 10 minutes later, he said, he was walking back through the area when Agent Reichle handcuffed him and said he would be charged with assaulting the vice president. Local police officers, acting on information from the Secret Service, according to the suit, ultimately filed misdemeanor harassment charges that could have resulted in up to a year in jail.

to quote Billmon, this guy obviously made the mistake of thinking he lived in a free country, instead of one where the President and his underlings now have the legal authority to have you "disappearred" or tortured.


Scout said...

my husband and i heard that report on the radio and it was like 'what the fuck?'. then we remembered the times we're living in.

i say, 'come and get me, come on, just try!'

breckenridgeboy said...

Billy Boy Clinton (commonly known as BJ)is the one who makes people disappear!!

Anonymous said...

The guy's just lucky Cheney didn't shoot him in the face.

ps breckenridgeboy - did you just get off the short bus or what?