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Friday, April 27, 2007

Domestic terror attack (yawn)
A bomb was found in Austin, Texas, today -- fortunately it was deactivated before it could hurt anyone. Normally, I'd expect that to be a big story since everyone in North America and most of the rest of the semi-civilized world seems to crap their drawers and beg the government to take away some more of their rights every time a car backfires or a balloon pops. But this bomb was at an abortion clinic, so aside from 15 seconds on CNN and a six inch AP story there is no coverage.

Imagine if this bomb had been in a Baptist church or at a Republican political rally or a police station or school or supermarket or just about any where else -- People would be running around screaming "terrorism!! terrorism!! ooga-booga!! Don't let the scary Muslims get us Dubya!" But since it was found outside an abortion clinic and they get bombed all the time (According to the Austin Statesman: "32 incidents of violence or disruption against abortion providers in the United States and Canada were reported in the first three months of 2007, along with five hoax devices or suspicious packages. In 2006, abortion clinics reported seven bomb threats and four attempted bombings or arsons ") we get: "eeeehhh, not such a big deal."

I guess its okay if its a pro-life bombing

Feministe has the details and a much better all-around smackdown


pretty shaved ape said...

christian explosives are good, muslim explosives are bad. after all the detonation of an abortion clinic is the kind of killing that saves lives. or some such counter intuitive nonsense. cheers rev.

jj said...

Yes, well, fetus lives are worth more than other lives. But only as long as they're fetuses! Their value ends the second the doctor smacks their butts.