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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ding Dong

I've been trying very hard all day to take the high road and not to gloat, cheer or pile-on. It should always be a sad occasion when someone dies, but in the case of Jerry Falwell I'll make an exception. I'll also admit to having cracked a smile when they hung Saddam and when I heard Nixon and Reagan had finally croaked. Evil crap-sacks, each and every one. The ad is from Hustler --Jerry famously sued them and lost. He is the bastard who got the burgeoning fundementalist Christian movement tied in with the Republican party with his Moral Majority (all together now: "it was neither") movement starting in 1979. He got St. Ronnie of Raygun elected, he got Bush senior elected, he had a lot to do with getting Clinton impeached by the House of Representatives (though not as much as Clinton did, let's be fair). Without him there would be no politically active fundementalist movement -- no Ralph Reed, no James Dobson, probably no abortion clinic bombers either. He blamed 9/11 on homosexuals, the ACLU, abortion-providers and People for the American Way. He was a hate-spewing homophobic, racist, sexist bigot and if there is a hell, he is smoking a turd in it right now. And I for one, am glad.
That's right blogging Tories, CNN and conservatard everywhere, my name is Rev.Paperboy and I'm an angry, intolerant, godless, anti-Christian, liberal blogger. SFW?


jj said...

"my name is Rev.Paperboy and I'm an angry, intolerant, godless, anti-Christian, liberal blogger. SFW?"... AND I approved this message!

Hahaha, good one rev.

David said...

I will always despise his denunciation of people like Ryan White, because in Jerry's world, only sinners (i.e. homosexuals) got AIDS. The refusal of Falwell and his cohort to acknowledge the science of transmission of HIV set me firmly against them. But I did love the way Mr. Carlson took on his doppleganger over the censoring of song lyrics. Way to go Big Guy!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Rev. I don't agree with paying tribute to someone so vile as Falwell and do not feel an ounce of sorrow for his passing, I don't even care about his family in this matter because so many families suffered at their hands. Both because of his insane rhetoric and families who disowned their own flesh and blood because of it, plus all the victims of AIDS who Falwell degraded in death.

Alison said...

Saw Ralph Reed and that other asshole Rev White on Larry King yesterday. (Yeah, watching Larry King, long story, never mind)

Anyway Larry reads out Falwell's famous quote about 9/11 being the fault of gays and feminists to them and they both jump in to say they're sure Falwell felt bad after saying it and didn't really mean it, and he'd grown a lot as a person since then and yada, yada, yada.

Oh no, says Larry, I just interviewed him last week and he said he's sorry if it hurt anyone but he still stands by it.

Quite a nice little trap I thought.

Dave said...

Rev, could you please contact me by email at thegallopingbeaver at yahoo dot ca