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Friday, July 27, 2007

It can't happen has happened here

We keep hearing people on left ask "how close is the United States coming to becoming a fascist dictatorship?" and people on the right saying "Don't be ridiculous, that would never happen! The president loves Jesus, America and freedom, he would never let that happen--he's just trying to protect us from the terrorists. Now give me your papers, you pinko freak, and get up against the car!"

Just consider the glorious confluence of executive orders, signing statements that exempt the White House from obeying laws, extra legal domestic surveillance, the PATRIOT Act, the banning of demonstration and making it illegal to photograph certain buildings (without telling you which ones) and now this latest bit of bullshit that gives the government the right to seize pretty much anything they want from anyone who opposes the war in Iraq and says anything about it.

Yep, freedom is on the march all right. Can't you hear the jackboots ring?

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Dr.Dawg said...

Good post. I hadn't realized things had gone nearly so far.