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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spitting right between their eyes
is what the Rude Pundit specializes in. His latest installment is fairly light on the rudeness, but heavy on the entirely justifiable outrage over the lying bags of dirt occupying the White House .

Meanwhile, on CNN just now I'm seeing a headline "Al-Quaida strongest since 9/11" so just what the weeping, jumping Jeebus on a on a pogo stick have the Republicans been doing for the last six years? I thought they got elected because they were going to be tough on terrorists, not just tough on anyone who questioned the actions of Bwana Dick Cheney. What ever happened to smoking them out? Personally I suspect Osama Bin Laden has by now shaved his beard and moved to Dallas to sell tract houses and take over the local chapter of Businessmen for Bush.

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