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Sunday, August 26, 2007

How about now?
Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom they say, and also of blogging. I took a few days off blogging this week to deal with various minor ailments - kids with colds, my own case of trench foot/jungle rot - and Kanada's Gnu Gummint lets the mask slip. I didn't blog about, but my associates in the unofficial "coalition of the swilling" (a term coined by JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie) have done more than merely take up the slack. Take your pick from the blogroll: RossK at The Gazetter has some outstanding stuff on the use of agent provocateurs by the police at the Montebello summit, as does Dr. Dawg and Canadian Cynic - don't just follow the links, look around all three blogs as they all have several excellent posts on the ongoing revelations of the secret work of Canada's police for political purposes.
Inkstained wretch-in-Chief Dave over at Galloping Beaver has a good piece on the Harper's governments announcement that democracy is inefficient and that it will henceforth simply appoint official liasons to the federal government instead of dealing with opposition MPs.
Will those in the political center and the mainstream opposition and mass media now take seriously our fear that Harper and his minions have no respect for democracy or freedom and are really facists at heart, or does public security minister Stockwell "Doris" Day have to declare martial law first.


jj said...

"Trench foot/jungle rot" -- !!! Sounds serious! Jungle rot {{shudder}}

Take it easy for a few days and get well or unrotted or whatever. The rest of the coalition will man the barricades!

the rev. said...

It isn't that bad, just a small infection on my big toe after getting it run over by a bicycle. Hurts like a bugger to walk on it much though.

scout said...

put some manuka honey on it...seriously. this stuff is fromm new zealand and australia and used in n.z. hospitals for everything from third degree burns onwards. get it at a health food store.

has the highest anti biotic count of anything found in the natural world....makes polysporin look like greasy kid stuff.

David said...

At least we can hope that our pro-free market government will allow the outsourcing of these customer service reps. Maybe we will be able to choose which corporation will respresent our needs, like KBR, or GE. Phone lines manned 24/7 in Bhopal and Glace Bay to better serve Canadian consumers...sorry, citizens.

jj said...

Ouch :( That old run-over-by-a-bicycle chestnut, eh? Hope it's feeling better.