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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A sunny idyll and a black day for truthiness and journamalism
Having just returned from a few day at Kamakura beach with the cuddlesome and calipygian Mrs. Rev. Paperboy and the youngun's I am not really in the frame of mind to blog, but I feel I cannot the passing of the only real purveyor of truthiness in newspaper form in America pass unremarked. Where will we now find out about the whereabouts of batboy? Who will provide us with Elvis sightings or news about Hillary Clinton's impending marriage to a space alien? It is indeed a black, black day.
As to the beach, aside from the smart-asses from Greenpeace trying to push me back into the ocean whenever I laid down shirtless in the sand, we had a good time. The weather was perfect, the ocean warm and the bikinis plentiful. And since Japan is a civilized country, one is allowed to drink whatever one wants on the beach, openly and without fear of reprisal from officers of the law bent on upholding some old-fashioned temperance movement remnant.

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