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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On the other hand...life is good

Given the tenor of the previous post, you might think I'm depressed, pissed off, and annoyed with life in general. Nothing could be further from the truth, because I have finally realized my life-long goals of:

A) playing hockey (at least fictionally) for Team Canada

B)Being immortalized as a superhero in a comic book.

One of teachers at my son's after-school day care center has created a series of short comics featuring my kids and their friends. My son Nicholas has been portrayed as every hero from Spiderman to Zorro, but the latest edition features me.

More as soon as I get a chance to scan the whole thing in and get it translated, but the main title reads: "Nicholas's Family Battle" (sic) with the smaller text panels reading : "Canadian Ice Hockey" and "Whoops!!!"

Stay tuned!


David Webb said...

I hope they manga-size your hair a bit. And draw in some scenes of you yelling, with big eyes and lots of lines drawn around your head to show intensity. And flying. And robots.

Maybe I am a little too excited about your comic.

Unknown said...

Oh just wait until you see the rest, your description pretty much nails it.