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Monday, November 05, 2007

Ethnic cleansing
Pathetic, not-so-stealthy separatism - that is what Quebec's bill 195 amounts to. While it is unlikely to be passed into law, the bill the PQ have introduced is clearly aimed at quashing "money and the ethnic vote" the next time there is provincial election, ensuring only pure laine Quebecois get to vote. The assumption being that they will vote for the PQ agenda of whatever form of sovereignty-freeloading association they come up with the next time. This is pure and simple racism and completely unconstitutional, and anyone in Canadian politics that says different is either a separatist, or a scumbag who is trying to win the votes of separatists by siding with them.
Quebec is a province of Canada, it is not a separate republic and has no need for it own constitution or citizenship requirements. Thanks a lot Stephen Harper.
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