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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome to friendly Japan you filthy foreigner criminal terrorists

Maybe it's just as well that we aren't going to be spending Christmas in Canada this year. I don' t need to worry about my wife and kids getting tasered in the airport if they get stroppy and I won't have to explain to my children why daddy has to get in a separate line and be photographed and fingerprinted and prove he isn't a terrorist or dealer of fake telephone cards after arriving back home in Japan.

As of yesterday all non-Japanese arriving in Japan must be photographed and fingerprinted. The only exception are those with special permanent resident status (People of Korean descent who were born usually to parents who were born here. Anywhere else they would be citizens, but the Japanese citizenship of Koreans, who were considered part of the empire before 1945, was revoked no matter where they were born and they cannot become citizens) One of my co-workers has lived in Japan since 1968, now everytime he returns from vacation he has to be fingerprinted and photographed.

Are visitors and foreign residents upset? Depends which "newspaper" you read.

Some papers say there was a large protest outside the Justice ministry, information strangely absent from other publications.

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