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Monday, December 10, 2007

New Fish
Let's hope his lardship looks good in stripes. Ex-Canadian and media baron Conrad "Lord Tubby" Black has been sentenced to six and a half years in a low security Florida prison, proving that no one is above the law. Of course, it is the minimum possible sentence he could have received and he will be serving it in a low security prison, where he is more likely to get tennis elbow than be shanked in the yard, so William Zanzinger Conrad Black is being dealt with in the way we have come to expect from the justice system in "class free" America. Thank Jebus he didn't do anything really bad like get a consensual drunken blow job from a fellow teenager or get caught with drugs while brown.
No confirmation yet on when Lady Barbarella Amiel is buying him cartons of cigarettes or soap on a rope for Christmas.


Alison said...

Two years after being indicted of fraud, disgraced Enron CEO Kenneth Lay was still vacationing with his family in Colorado. He never did spend any time behind bars.
What makes you think Lord Tubby will?

the rev. said...

My basic faith in the prosecutor - If Patrick Fitzgerald can bag Scooter, he put Tubby behind bars.
Oh sure, there will be appeals, but he isn't likely to win them from what I've read. Lay died before they could convict and lock him up, that's what kept him out of jail