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Monday, January 14, 2008

"You can't bring the Constitution in here, this is the National Archives"

It may come as a surprise to some that the Constitution of the United States now no longer applies within government buildings or to government employees or to those in close proximity to government employees.

"Impeach Bush" t-shirt wearers forced to leave National
Archives Constitution Display in DC"


"It was when I got to the Constitution that a security woman said to me, 'Miss, you need to go see that man over there.' I asked why. She said it was because of my t-shirt. I asked, 'Why my t-shirt?' She simply responded that I couldn't wear it in the building. At this point the big, burly security guard that she wanted me to go to, approached me.
"I said, 'What happened to the First Amendment?' The security woman told me to lower my voice. I raised my voice. Susan from Code Pink came over and offered me a jacket to cover my shirt, and I stayed."
Suzanne Haviland reported that a guard told her, "The reason I'm stopping you is that you are wearing something that criticizes the President. I'm a federal employee, and I'm not allowed to criticize the President."


Even with a 180 degree change of direction in governement philosophy in the United States, it is going to take decades to get the shit stains out of the Constitution. It isn't like you can just send a 200 year old document out to be dry cleaned.

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