"Where else would you go when you have an ax to grind?"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things I found when I should have been working on other things

Bad, bad Internet for lighting the grail-shaped beacon of procrastination. Oh, naughty, wicked Internet!


Patrick Ross said...

If I really needed further evidence that you children are actually impressed with the size and odour of your own dookie, I'd have to say you just provided it.

Heh. Whatta bunch of clowns.

the rev. paperboy said...

Patsy, Patsy, Patsy --I'd have expected more from the self proclaimed "baddest man on the planet." Now run along, don't you have classes to attend or flies to pull the wings off of or something?

Patrick Ross said...

Nah. I just never thought I'd see a bunch of people so proud of spending so much time on trying to embarrass someone and coming up empty handed.

I mean: I guess I'd be embarrassed if I were you. Thank god I'm not.

the rev. paperboy said...

we haven't been trying to embarass you Patsy, you've been doing that to yourself, that is assuming you have the capacity to be embarrassed, which I'm starting to doubt.

Patrick Ross said...

Why would I be embarrassed by some people who just don't get it digging up some stuff that -- unsurprisingly -- they just don't get?

You know what I would find embarrassing? Being nearly twice my age -- as I'm noticing that a lot of you feebs are -- and thinking it's hilarious to attack the mother of a dead soldier, or post a political opponent's address and encourage people to treat his family as a target, or renege on an offer to donate money to a sick kids' charity.

That I would find embarrassing.

So, guys, tell me again: who is it who lacks the capacity for embarrassment?

David said...

Feebs? What are you, 12? Buy a thesaurus.

As to the rest of your lies, nobody thought it was funny you stupid ass.

Nobody suggested attacking the family, no matter how you spin reality. In fact, the ideas was roundly shouted down from many corners.

And you didn't win your bet, you declared victory.

You are mocked because you are silly.

To quote the Alpha Male, "So stop playing the wounded hypocrite, and hit the books."

Who ever thought they would read the phrase, "to quote the Alpha Male".

jj said...

"dookie"?? LOL

That's a new one on me. Thanks, PR!

Patrick Ross said...

"Nobody suggested attacking the family, no matter how you spin reality. In fact, the ideas was roundly shouted down from many corners."

Sure, buddy. Sure.

Yeah, the guys at A Creative Revolution, The Galloping Beaver and the Woodshed were right front and centre, criticizing Cynic for attacking Wanda Watkins.

...Waitaminit. No. They weren't. And you still have trouble saying those words "Canadian Cynic was wrong", dont'cha?


the rev. paperboy said...

No I don't have any trouble with it at all, but he wasn't wrong. I wouldn't have put it quite the way he did, but I agree, the fact that Wanda Watkins lost someone in Afghanistan is not a good enough reason for us to stay there so that more Canadians can die.