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Sunday, April 27, 2008

I guess hippies don't sue

Sorry to have stiffed you on the weekend entertainment videos this week, but I've been getting up early to watch hockey via dodgy internet streams (and yes, I feel Tom Kostopoulos was an excellent choice for Spiritual Leader of the Moment. Three goals all season and now three goals in the playoffs, including the overtime winner in the opening game against the Flyers. 'Nuff said!) but while catching the latest in North American commercials I was aghast to see the ad for this product:

At first I thought it was an update on the old Sy Sperling ads. The TV commercial features clean cut corporate types of a certain age with facelifts, capped teeth and a hint of salt and pepper at the temples cavorting with hip twentysomethings - surfing, hiking, playing electric guitar with a hot young blonde hanging off one shoulder.

It is hair dye for aging boomers "It's for the generation that swore it would never get old. And didn't." That rumbling sound you hear is Jerry Garcia rolling over in his extra wide grave.

Now, I know it is just me being closed minded and judgemental, so feel free to harsh on me in the comments, but I'm always a bit suspicious of men who dye their hair. It just seems vain and dishonest in men in a way that it doesn't for women. Maybe it goes back to Ronald Reagan, maybe it goes back to the subverting of one of my childhood heroes:

thus, it all returns to hockey.


oldfatherwilliam said...

We don't sue, but if I see that shit on a shelf anywhere it gets glued down or whatever worse I think of at the time.

the rev. paperboy said...

ooooooh guerrilla consumer tactics -- I like it! Not that we here at the Woodshed would condone any sort of lawbreaking, but it is worth noting that crazy glue sets very, very quickly and a little dab of it will work wonders.

jj said...

I just started seeing this commercial a couple of weeks ago, and it makes me cringe -- "Sunshine of Your Love"!?? Please!!! And what's with all the young chicks? I know it's every old guy's fantasy, but come on. This is false advertising to say the least.

I am with you on the old guys dying their hair thing, it's lame-o and usually looks dumb. Besides, guys age well -- a little gray looks good. (And I thought so before I was old myself.)