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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Legal eagle vs legal beagle

Let me first say I'm no great admirer of Warren Kinsella, but I do respect his talents and his ferocity. Much the same way a woodsman may not like wolverines, but knows enough not to tangle with them. I must admit though, I'm glad he is on our side, not theirs.
Having said that, I'm with the folks at CC -- we need popcorn.
Surely even someone as obtuse as Mikey Brock must know he is not in the same league as Kinsella - they are not even playing the same fucking sport. If Kinsella was the Liberal Party's Marty McSorely, Mikey is the skinny kid with the coke bottle glasses reading Harry Potter on the bench in the "everybody plays, everybody gets a trophy" T-ball league.
It appears Mikey wants to get all legalistic with Kinsella. Please, Warren picks guys a lot more impressive than Mikey out of his rows of pointed teeth on daily basis. Seriously, Mikey, you're gonna need a lot bigger boat.

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