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Friday, April 18, 2008

Some more rockin' weekend entertainment
The music of my youth - all Canadian edition

Ah the days of yore, when we could sit around on a Friday night in someone's basement, smoking Players Extra Lights, drinking Ex, planning bush parties and wondering what Erica Ehm looked like naked...

"Like actors who play Jesus in a movie of the week"

Mullet fever!!

"can't write songs about girls anymore, I have to write songs about women"


David said...

Wow. "Switchin to Glide". That song just gave me a visceral flashback to grade nine. Not entirely a pretty sight, but I will thank you for being the catalyst.

Great song choices though, and a fun playlist. You'd be missing Ontario if you had been here today. Clear blue skies, 21 degrees, no humidity, and all the young ladies from Western were out in their finest and leastest. Not that an old married man like me noticed.

So, Players and Ex? That is hardcore smalltown, don't you think? Keep in mind that I spent my formative years in Delaware. Formative and all the others following.

the rev. paperboy said...

Delaware? People actually come from Delaware? I thought it was an imaginary state used to bump up the total to a nice round 50, sort of like Rhode Island. And it wasn't so much small town as the Golden Horseshoe 'burbs.

David said...

State? I can't tell if you are joking or not, so I will say that Delaware Ontario is just west of London. Kid Dork is from there as well. Truly small town Ontario.

the rev. paperboy said...

Ah, I thought you meant the state of Delware. I didn't realize there was a town in Ontario called that, having spent most of my time in Eastern Ontario or closer to the Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph-Hamilton area. My mistake, I meant no disrespect to the fine upstanding people of the Town of Delaware. I grew up in the burbs but then spent several years living in different small towns in my 20s.

Kid Dork said...

Ah, Erica Ehm. I saw her once in Toronto, and...that's all I've got. She's now all Yummy Mummy, and it shames me to think of my adoration of her, all those years ago.

'Switching To Glide' was like my favourite song on the bus to Westminster.

David said...

No offense taken. And we aren't fine or upstanding.

Frank Frink said...

Too many people I've met, I know, and have shared stages with in that post.

(Which means, yes, I suddenly feel old)