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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And speaking of "knowing what they know"...

A brief round-up of the dimmer side of the blogosphere, just 'cause I'm feeling testy today:

When cracker-assed cracker politicians blog.

Michael Savage: Hateful crackpot or just an ignorant dick?

Another reason Bill O'Reilly can just frickin' bite me.

And finally, if it's a day with a "Y" in it, there must be some Blogging Tory saying something stupid:

Shorter Strong Conservative: Shriek! The press are covering Obama's trip to Afghanistan and Iraq. No fair, they didn't cover John McCain's trips (like this, this, and even this).

McCain's been to Iraq eight times, you'd think by now he'd know where it is.

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David said...

Strong Johnny's love of laminin (from Dick Ball's blog) proves that this young fellow is a cretin. Not only is he a Newt-loving, Alex P. Keaton of the modern century, he is a woo-loving christopath with a tenuous grasp on scientific reality. And reality in general. I mean come on, Newt for President? Evidently strong christian conservatives don't actually care for strong christian values.