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Monday, August 18, 2008

higher, stronger, faster, prettier?

Synchro swimming, figure skating, artistic gymnatics --- While I would never deny that they require superb physical conditioning, incredible skill and stamina, anything that requires costumes, music and clown makeup is not a sport. If it was a sport, this two minutes of comic perfection would not be nearly as funny.


Eternal Gaijin said...

OMFSM! I actually remember that. Thanks for the memories, Rev. I'll be chuckling to myself all day.

David said...

I have chosen to not watch any more sports where artistic merit is part of the equation. I simply find them too irritating, and too prone to abuse. And that is still a fantastically funny sketch. "I don't swim". Hah!

And by the way, I may have spoken out of turn about you over at JJ's place. I apologise in advance if this news comes as a shock to your family. Hopefully, they don't read blogs.

Gazetteer said...

That Shearer fellow.....why does he remind me so much of Mr. Spitz's nerd fightin' older brother?


Could it be chest hair?


the rev. paperboy said...

David, you have no idea how close to the mark your dart has flown. Bwahahahaha!

David said...

I am the consummate broken clock.