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Thursday, February 12, 2009

So many douche bags, so little time

It's not a term I toss around lightly, but I just seem to be reading about so many complete and total douche bags lately that its getting a bit mind boggling. I already knew the Prime Minister was a douche bag, but this pretty much cements his status. And I knew there were a considerable number of douche bags in the born-again Christian antiabortion camp and in the military and in the media, but lately they seem to be everywhere. I'm seeng stuff about douche bags in academia, in business, in music, even (and I know this will shock you) in the Republican party.
The worst part is that they seem to get all the hot chicks.


Dave said...

You're right Rev. This week seems to have an abnormal level of wingnut activity on the go.

I am investigating.

I'm thinking it's because they looked at the calendar and have to go into hiding a day early.

jj said...

Did Lent start yet? Maybe deprivation of their favourite things could be at the bottom of this. It certainly has been an outstanding week in wingnuttery.

Gazetteer said...

And the weird thing is that all the sheeple just seem to go along to get along with all the douchebaggia that fits.

Matter of fact, I noticed it in Friday's NYT where almost every single story involved stuff like the story of the judges in the state of PA who conspired to take bribes from a private prison company (after they closed the public one, of course).

And how did everybody makeout like douchekings?

Why, by sending kids who's first offense was stuff like posting up satirical facebook pages in jail.