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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The end of an comedic era and a new SLOTM

"Oh, somewhere in this favored land Alberta,
the sun is shiningwhere the crooks are not too bright;
the band is the moronic miscreants are playing somewhere,
and somewhere hearts are light boneheads fight
And somewhere men are laughing drunks are driving,
and somewhere children shout beef jerky thieves are unperturbed
But there is no joy in Mudville  It could be in Ponoka

Despite the taser troopers now being rightfully pilloried in the press and blogosphere, The Woodshed salutes our newest Spiritual Leader of the Moment: The Mountie behind the what has been the most reliable nonpolitical entertainment on the internets the past few years - RCMP Constable Douglas Enns, late of the Ponoka, Alberta RCMP detachment and author of the best written, funniest small town police blotter ever (and I speak as someone who covered cops in small towns for small newspapers for way too many years). For those looking for a primer on snark as it is writ, look no further than back issues of the Ponoka News. Literature and Ponoka's loss is law enforcement and St. Albert's gain. 

with a special tip of the Smoky-the-Bear Stetson to Cowboys for Social Responsibility for bring the good Constable's work to us for these last few years.


Shinigami Kayo said...

Just my luck...he'll probably pick me up on the new Anthony Hendey extension for speeding than blog about it.

David said...

Every time I go somewhere cool, it's been closed for a month. "With it" I ain't.

Chunklets said...

I am encouraged by the speculation that Constable Enns might do a Ponoka Police Blotter book!