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Monday, April 20, 2009

She was a soldier

Dear Michael Coren,

Having read your latest column about the death of Canadian Forces Trooper Karin Blais as the result of a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, let me be as polite as I can in saying this: Fuck you, you sexist moron. Try your "women can't serve in combat" horseshit on some of the women in the early Israeli army or the Russian Army in World War II or any of these women. You'll be glad of Canada's universal health care system in the aftermath. Trooper Blais was a soldier like many, many others who volunteered, was trained to do a job and died serving her country with honor. Like Capt. Nichola Goddard, and 115 other soldiers, she accepted the risks involved in doing her job and for you to say she was "dressed up as a soldier" is an insult to every woman serving in Canada's military. Women have been serving in combat roles in the Canadian military with distiction for nearly 20 years. She was a soldier and died like one, her gender had nothing to with it.

Update: Nice to see the Torch weigh in on this one as well. It is nice to see some on the other side of the blogosphere break ranks to slap down such an offensive troglodye.(H/T to Dr. Dawg for the milnet link) If only they would do it more often. Why does the Sun give Coren a platform? Why on earth is such an ill-informed and offensive douchebag on television?

And, yes, I sort of figured this would set the Skipper off, but sometimes you need to call in the big guns to make a point.

Among the many idiotic things in Coren's column is his fear that should things descend to close combat, Trooper Blais' armored vehicle, machine gun and sidearm would be no match for the long knives and heavy clubs of the Taliban. Uh....right.
He also seems very, very worried that such a pretty young thing would be raped as a matter of course. Given the well-documented tendency of the Afghan mujahedeen to take the idea of foxhole buddies to a whole new level, I strongly suspect that raping of prisoners would not be confined to female prisoners. (For further first-hand observation of the hot mujahideen-on-mujahideen action phenomenon, see BBC journalist Phil Rees excellent book Dining with Terrorists")

More updating: Once again proving that there is no situation in which certain right-wing douchebags won't feel they need to score points.


Shinigami Kayo said...

thankyou Rev..for stating it as it is. Our flag again flies half mast for a fallen Soldier. They don't make policy but faithfully serve their country and at times make the ulitmate sacrifices.

Unknown said...

Exactly Shini. I don't think our soldiers should be in Afghanistan at this point, but to denigrate this young woman's service with the kind of "she's just a helpless girl" kind of 19th century crap Coren is peddling is insulting.

David Webb said...

Nothing Coren writes is ever well thought out and nothing he says ever adds to the conversation. In his mind he speaks for the silent majority (blind and deaf as well as they don't watch his show) when in fact he speaks for a few crazed Catholics and HRC haters. He is truly a sanctimonious twit I have let spoil too many Saturday mornings. Fuck him.

Patrick C said...

Wow. To trot out the sneering "dressed up as a soldier" comment, and then turn around and hide behind the "oh, but I meant it as a compliment" line...

That guy really is an epic turd.