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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reasons #3,947 thru #3,951 to hate "Canada's New Government"

3, 947. They lie.
3, 948. They lie all the time.
3, 949. They aren't even good at lying.
3, 950. They lie about things its pointless to lie about, that can be confirmed as untrue before they can finish the sentence.
3,951. Pants+fire=CPC  

Pogge and Paul Koring speak, you listen. 

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David Webb said...

It's reached a point where we are all fatigued (see: Kahn; "Space Seed"). I am not sure that anyone, outside of bloggers, Kady O'Malley, or Paul Wells, even cares right now. We are circling the airport and watching our fuel, 'cause everyday brings news of another 500 people laid off and another human tragedy. Heck, I've even started to censor the CBC as I don't think my little girl, not yet four, needs to hear hour after hour of news about human cruelty and suffering.

Certainly London, full as it is with education-based jobs (public, secondary and university) and a thriving service industry of Tim Horton drones, has not yet suffered a blow. But you can still feel the chill in the air. I am sure that I am wrong, but it feels like people are digging trenches and waiting for the inevitable. But my sense is that they don't blame the muppets in Ottawa. It feels bigger than that.

But I am often wrong.