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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday songs and cinema

Sunday night is Radio Woodshed night - thought tonight's show may be a bit late starting as there is a Netroots Nation event beforehand with much discussing to be done about this year's convention of progressive bloggers and netizens both in Second Life and in Pittsburgh, Pa. in August.  However, the massive staff of Radio Woodshed is undaunted and will be bringing you two hours of the finest in jazz, funk, roots, bluegrass, rock, country, cajun, zydeco, irish folk, psychelia, swing and Carpenters covers starting at 5 PDT/8 EDT.

The Marxist-Lennonist  (Groucho and John Factions United) Party's Glorious People's Cinema Project explores the opiate of the masses with second installment of our Burt Lancaster film series  - Elmer Gantry - with Burt as a ne'er do well con man who becomes an evangelist (see if you can spot the difference)

Some come join us for dancing, discussion and a damn good time aboard the Red Zeppelin in Second Life, or if  your first life is so wonderful you don't need cartoon friends from around the world, you could just click the radio to your right and watch the movie here.

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