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Friday, May 22, 2009

Uke fight!

RossK and I are getting into it big time and the gloves are off. After we both picked the same uke ace last week, we've decided this week its double or nothing!  So here's a double-double shot...

Julia Nunes is a college student/musician in upstate New York who started posting videos on YouTube a couple of years ago and became a sensation. Last year, she toured with Ben Folds, next month she playing Bonnaroo. Like last week's treat from Molly/SweetAfton23, I think this typifies the great DIY spirit of the new uke movement in music

But the ukelele is Hawaiian and what could be more Hawaiian than surf rock?

Then there's a this bad boy, the second double neck uke I've blogged. My wife loves it when I play this one on guitar.

For some seriously wild looking ukes, check this out!

Bonus Track - not strickly uke, or DIY, but the Asylum Street Spankers are God's Favorite Band and Pops Bayless plays a mean ukelele.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pops is one of my all-time, bestest ever ukulele heroes.

And anyone who doesn't dig the Spankers probably has other character flaws.

I'm just sayin'...