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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An auspicious, if circular, debut on the blogroll

Please give a warm Woodshed welcome Our Man in Abiko, newly-added to the blogroll. He made the Woodshed his blog of the week with a sterling recommendation last week and just today, beat us to the post on our own tweeted observations. Also, he shares our disdain of the species Expaticus Onannicus Nipponica better known by its common name of Gaijin Wanker - the sort of expats that have become so culturally acclimatized that they have become more Japanese than the Japanese.
A beer-oriented meet-up may become necessary at some point.


Our Man in Abiko said...

Cheers for the mutual backslapping (God, aren't journos self-serving wankers, eh?) Beers would be a good thing indeed. Can Our Man invite his Canadian buddy as chaperone? He has an even sicker taste in vids than Our Man and the Rev. PB combined, if his latest recommendation is anything to go by (he didn't lift it from you, did he?) Here it is if you dare:


the rev. paperboy said...

no, he definitely didn't lift it from me.

Dear God, what was that?

I'm wondering if I should invite a chaperone to chaperone your Canadian buddy

In exchange for the video about chain language school management techniques I offer this from the the worst band ever. It probably won't make your ears bleed, much.

Our Man in Abiko said...